As per user surveys, it has been established that mainly following two sets of people invest in real estate:
  • End Users- who invest for self use
  • Investors- who may/may not be interested in using the given units but expect good R.O.I.
In order to cater to both sets of people, these streams have been kept as seperate.
Ratings are calculated at the following level:
  • End User/Investment
  • Property type i.e Apartments/Villas/Plots/..
  • City
Fundamentally, evaluation of real-estate differs considerably in comparison to the evaluation of say a movie or an eating joint. With user inputs on multiple parameters, a balanced & rational picture can be obtained. Users can have certain biases depending on their situations & mindsets but this way opinions of generic nature will come out.
Once you have submitted your review, it cannot be edited. If you wish to remove your review and resubmit it with changes, please contact us.
By registering, user would be permitted to submit Reviews, participate in discussions, track properties as well as follow users.
Submitted Reviews & photographs are scanned by our team in order to ascertain that the content isn't of objectionable nature. This process takes some time & the user can expect to be able to see their reviews in a day's time.
All the three categories have been allowed to participate in contributing to the Review pool. For a user, who wants to base his decisions on one of these opinion, it becomes important to have an idea of the background of the contributor.

Note - PropTalkies doesn't validate the genuinity of submissions by users as to which category they belong to.

On the property details page there is an option to report inaccuracies. It can be used for Price as well as any other inaccuracy which a user may come across.
We don't provide this option (nor recommend). PropTalkies is an open forum with most of the user inputs visible to all, in this case it doesn't make sense to disallow someone from following a certain user.